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Jennifer Matthews Colter

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Jennifer Matthews Colter BIO

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Keith Harrison, Grammy-Award Winning Producer


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Keeping the dream alive!

E’Prime initial release – Victory


Five boys and one girl. The odds were stacked against her. But over time I am sure she learned to appreciate the torture we put her through.

All is forgiven and I think she came out pretty good. She is a strong, dedicated, mother, grandmother, wife, sister, and someone I truly admire.

We (the boys) all remember walking our sister over to take piano lessons. We remember the tricks we use to play on her during Halloween with the man in the coat. We became very good friends over time and many tribulations.

We all remember our father and mother telling us “You can do anything they can do, if you are willing to put the effort into it.”

That message and the reminder everyday that we are a blessed family has propelled us to strive for more than just the ordinary, but to try to push a little harder.

The Victory CD by my sister is a blessing in many ways and we are all very proud and glad for her. She is our only sister and has earned the right to be heard.



Executive Producer humbled by his sister’s talent


Jennifer Colter and Rev. Eric


Jennifer Colter in the studio with E’Prime CEO Chris Matthews and his wife Helen